New St. Louis Vintage Home Supply - Best Products, Best Prices! Click Here for More Info

Jesse Hebisen -

We are excited to announce the grand opening of St. Louis’s newest vintage home supply store. From the people that brought you The Resource, now comes Rehabber Supply. With a focus on great quality plumbing products, door hardware, cabinet hardware, and everything else needed for the classic home, Rehabber Supply brings the best in craftsmanship and design for the lowest prices anywhere - including big box stores and the web!

For example:
We offer a beautiful acrylic clawfoot tub supplied by a major U.S. company for only $799 (tax included!)
We offer a heavy solid brass tub fill faucet for only $129 (tax included!) – also from a U.S. company.
We can even offer the clawfoot tub, the tub fill, and a gorgeous solid brass drain as a package for $999! (tax included!)

The secret to our low prices is all in the relationships we have built. The Resource opened in 1988 in Lafayette Square, giving us almost 30 years in the vintage home supply business. Because of the friendships and business contacts we have made in that time, we can source the very best products. And since we do most of our business online, we don’t have to worry about passing on the cost of electricity, staff members, etc. It is a simple formula but it adds up to big savings for your budget. And you don’t have to skimp on quality.


Check us out today at and – two sites for the lowest price!

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